Monday, March 06, 2006

That Money All Looks The Same To Me. . . .

The Jerusalem Post has an article today about Palestinian gunmen robbing a bank in the Gaza Strip, where they demanded one bag of chocolate gelt and another of marked bills, in order to remember where they got them. I was really concerned that they might rob my bank, as we had run out of pens and there was no way that I’d be able to mark all of the bills. As for the chocolate coins, well, I was prepared to guard those with my life if need be. I call shenanigans! We all know that the banks in the Gaza Strip deal in Monopoly money, and when they run out, get the paper bills from the Mad Magazine board game. I think they just like the pretty colors. As for the bank having Elite chocolate on hand, well, I’m still stumped on that one. I’m sure Haaretz has a nice explanation. I guess the distinction between real money of financial value and the fake money of games of yore eludes them. I just hope they’re not after the chocolate. After all, we can’t all be financial wiz kids.


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