Sunday, March 05, 2006

I Say "No" to West Banking Teller School, But "Yes" to Janitorial Staff

In an earlier post I wrote about an Arab who wanted to join the West Banking teller training course that I teach motzei shabbos in my bank, on odd weeks. Today I rejected his request, but I asked him to join the janitorial staff. I just couldn’t see him as a teller. This isn’t because I’m bigoted in any way against Arabs. It’s because I am the only teller (and CEO and vice president) in the chain of West Banks that I’ve created. Hmm…well, yes, I’m the only worker. That is why there are always lines. I cannot be everywhere at once. If I’m at the west West Bank location of the West Bank, how can I then be at the east West Bank location of the West Bank? If I’m at the north West Bank location of the West Bank, how then can I also be at the south West Bank location? So there are lines.
I have been reluctant to specify a reason for this rejection, but I will post it here. It’s because I don’t want him going into the vaults where I keep the chocolate. The young man expressed his disappointment, and he will apply again when the opportunity arises, but for now he will join the janitorial staff. Better he should clean the floors than clean me out of chocolate.I think his decision shows maturity, and maybe even a little stupidity. He could still apply for a position at Bank HaPolim, but probably won‘t, thus proving he is after one thing: my store of chocolate. He is accepting the situation as it is now and proving that he wants to work for me, even if it isn't in his first choice position, and he will not give up on his dream but will try again later. However, I will probably reject him again. Bummer.


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